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Posted 10/13/2022

ClayMates USA

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About ClayMates USA

ClayMates helps bridge the gap for children to express emotions, and to be in a conversation about change through imagination.

ClayMates at first glance is a wonderful toy that inspires creation and expression. It naturally builds fine & gross motor skills and challenges our executive planning skills.

ClayMates are a tool to create a platform for complex social and emotional conversations with children at home, in the classroom or in a therapeutic setting. As we put ClayMates in front of kids, they know exactly what to do - they add features to their figures and begin imaginary role-playing. As we see that they are comfortable with using the toy, we engage them in building them-self which provides incredible insight into how they perceive them-self in the world and how they believe the world perceives them. Then we can introduce a host of social context or scenarios such as: helping around the house, bullying, character building, classroom behavior or how to say I'm sorry. Whether your using them at home, in the classroom, or in your practice we get to engage kids in what the emotional response is to an endless number of scenarios. This provides an open ended dialog that explores possible solutions, the responsibility of different roles, honest feedback and the opportunity for social and emotional growth. Over time, we are able to develop social awareness, mindfulness, compassion, empathy and broad emotional vocabulary.

The challenge as supporting adults is to not bring our own agenda to the open ended play and to guide in a way that creates a space for children to explore emotional and social possibility without the distraction of what the RIGHT answer is. As long as it's authentic, then we have the opportunity to understand the world from their perspective.

Play hard, have fun and remain open possibility!
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