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Real kids, Real life, Real help!

Free parent community

Our resources are designed to provide support to parents of kids from birth to teen and in between.

Whether your kids come to you by birth or through foster care or adoption, it's hard being a parent, and oftentimes it can feel very isolating. KIDStherapyfinder.com is about community. We are here to support parents. Sign up for our Newsletter to get the latest on information on programs, products, courses, special member discounts and more. Join our FREE parent community to take advantage of all that KIDStherapyfinder.com has to offer.

Get the help you need. 


KIDStherapyfinder.com connects parents with professionals providing mental health and other therapeutic services, including virtual appointments.  

We provide a focused directory of service providers for children and adolescents with advanced filtering. Many providers are offering Teletherapy, and for alot of families, this digital health option is as good or better than in-person appointments. 

It's now easier to find the providers your child needs through virtual services, including online Mental Health Counseling, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy,  ABA Therapy, Psychiatrists and Psychiatric NP's or Psychologists.

Join thousands of parents each month who use KIDStherapyfinder.com to find counselors, developmental therapies, and other therapeutic services, products and support.

Choose from professionals throughout your your state who are are ready to support your family with virtual services. Insurance and self-pay options.  Find products for your family that support your child's mental health and wellness at home and school. Explore amazing resources for parents as you help your child reach their highest potential.

Get Started

What is KidsTherapyFinder.com?

KidsTherapyFinder.com is a community that promotes positive mental health and wellness for kids and families.  We do this by making it easy for parents to find exceptional providers and programs for their children. We invite mental health counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and other pediatric therapists (occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech and language therapists and applied behavior analysis providers)  to promote their services, as well as parent coaches and advocates. We have also put together an amazing team of experts to answer questions from parents around the world about their children’s mental health and wellness.

Who Is KidsTherapyFInder.com for?

KidsTherapyFinder.com is for EVERYONE! Parents, caregivers, caseworkers, social workers, and other helping professionals can join KidsTherapyFinder.com for FREE.  

Is there a cost to join as a parent?

KidsTherapyFinder.com is always 100% FREE for parents, caseworkers, social workers and other helpers looking to connect kids and teens with a trusted provider. Create your FREE membership HERE.

What if I'm not tech savvy?

No problem, you don’t need to be! Creating your membership is NOT complicated. In most cases, you will be able to set up your FREE account in less than 5 minutes.

How do I use KidsTherapyFInder.com?

Create an account and login in to access the full benefits that KidsTherapyFinder.com has to offer. To get started, click HERE.

Once you create your FREE membership you are set up with a personal dashboard.From your Member Dashboard, you can:

  • Save your favorites
  • Participate in discussions on posts, articles, and videos
  • Send and receive messages from providers

How do I connect with providers on KidsTherapyFinder.com?

KidsTherapyFinder.com connects parents, caregivers and other helping professionals supporting families with trusted providers and programs who help kids, teens and their families with mental health and related wellness needs.  

To get started, first search for a provider.

  1. Create your free account HERE.
  2. Use our expanded filtering search system to search providers.
  3. Review their listing details. You will notice that some will highlight immediate availability, after school and weekend appointments, sliding scale options or indicate they have a waiting list.  Review their profiles, their specialties, and review any brochures or videos they have posted.  This gives you a better idea if they might be a good match for you before you contact them.
  4. Request a consultation.  Once you’ve found a provider you’d like to connect with Send A Message through their profile to request the consultation.  You can reach them by calling or emailing them.

Congratulations! You are on your way to helping your child and family get the care you need and the quality services you deserve!

What if I can't find a provider in my area?

If you’ve already searched KidsTherapyFinder.com and can’t find a provider in your area,, don’t worry!  There are a few additional options.

  • Request a virtual consultation with a provider in another area of your state or even in another state for coaching and advocacy services. Many providers are able to help patients virtually through online counseling services, psychiatry, and occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech and language therapy, ABA therapy.  You can search for providers in KidsTherapyFinder.com by selecting “Online Telehealth” from the Setting Preference option on the Filtered Search sidebar HERE.
  • Reach out to us for support.  You can email us at hello@kidstherapyfinder.com or use our Contact Form to tell us what you need.   We will be happy to connect with you and help you search.

I don't see my provider on KidsTherapyFinder.com.  How do I get them added?

You can use our Contact Form to tell us about your favorite provider. We love to get referrals from parents.

How do I know which provider I need? 

The type of provider you select depends on what types of issues your child is experiencing, your child’s age, the level of treatment they are needing, your financial needs, and more.  The good news is there are professionals from various fields and specialties related to pediatric mental health and wellness who can support your child and your family in your own community or virtually!  You can find them here at KidsTherapyFinder.com.

To learn more about how to find the best provider for your child or teen, learn more about the different services here.

How do I change my password (or I forgot my password)?

If you forgot your password, you can reset it HERE, using the email address you originally used to create your account.  If you'd like to change your password, you can do so at the bottom of your dashboard by clicking on "Account" and then "Change Password." If you have additional questions, please email us for support at hello@kidstherapyfinder.com

How do I check my messages from providers?

You can access your messages via your dashboard. once you set up your FREE membership account.

How do I save my favorite providers?

You can save your favorites once you set up your FREE membership account. Log in to your account and click on the heart LIKE icon.  Your can view all of your favorites from your dashboard under "My Saved Members."

How do I submit provider reviews?

You can leave provider ratings and reviews once you set up your FREE membership account. Log in to your account and search for the provider you wish to review.  On their listing click on the button "View Listing."  Once their full listing is loaded, click on the button that says "Write A Review" and complete the form and then click on "Continue to Next Step."  You will then be taken to another screen that asks if you want to upload photos. Make your selection and click on the applicable button. You will receive confirmation of review when the screen changes to "Your Review Has Been Sent."


Have additional questions? 

 We are always happy to help. You can reach us in two ways.

  1. Use our “Contact Us’ tab on our site HERE.
  2. Email us at hello@kidstherapyfinder.com.

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