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Support for kids & their families

Getting support for your child should be a solution - not part of the problem.

Does finding help for your child or teen leave you feeling worried, stressed or frustrated? You're not alone. We face an unprecedented and accelerated mental health crisis, along with rising costs for just about everything.  Finding therapy can feel nearly impossible for many parents who are justifiably concerned.  

Many children are going without the help they need.

Untreated mental health conditions nearly always worsen, and unaddressed delays make it more difficult for kids to meet their developmental milestones. This can result in more serious concerns, including poor school performance, behavioral challenges, negative peer relationships, and low self-esteem.  

KIDStherapyfinder.com offers hope for families looking for support!

We connect parents with professionals providing pediatric services. Each month, thousands of parents use KIDStherapyfinder.com to search for Mental Health Counselors, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Physical Therapists,  ABA Therapists, Psychiatrists and Psychiatric NP's or Psychologists, in their state who are ready and willing to support their family.

With mental and behavioral health treatment, quality of life can improve, symptoms can diminish or disappear, and the likelihood of scholastic, professional, and overall life success can be more certain. 

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What can we help you find?

Mental Health Counseling

Psychological & Educational Testing
Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

ABA Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Speech Therapy
Physical Therapy

Top questions from parents about counseling & therapeutic services

Which is best for my child-Teletherapy or in-person therapy?

Many pediatric services are now being provided virtually. Learn more about Teletherapy to determine if this is the right choice for your child and family. Learn more.

How do I know which type of service my child needs?

Oftentimes parents are unsure where to turn to get help for their child or teen. It can feel overwhelming trying to figure out where to even start. That's why KIDStherapyfinder.com has made it easy for you to research each of the services available from our providers. Learn more.

How do I find the right provider for my child?

Just like adults, kids and teens need a provider they feel comfortable with.  Parents may also have their own criteria, such as insurance acceptance, location, and availability. Use our guide get started. Learn more. 

How do I prepare my child for Teletherapy?

Virtual services are more common than they were several years ago. Even your child's appointments with medical doctors and mental health professionals can be completed virtually. This article helps you and your child prepare for and the most from your next online visit. Learn more.

What should I do if online counseling doesn't seem to be working for my child?

Sometimes children don't seem to be making noticeable progress in therapy. Maybe you're experiencing more challenging behaviors, regression or your child is even refusing to participate in Teletherapy.  Don't give up!  This article helps you figure out the next steps and connects you with other services that might be helpful. Learn more.

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