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Ask Our Child Experts

Does My Child Have Anxiety?

Question:  I'm concerned that my child might have anxiety.  How would I know?Answer:Anxiety is the most common mental health condition...

Posted 10/18/2021

How do I help my child grow up with good mental health?

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ClayMates USA

ClayMates help bridge the gap for children to express emotions, and to be in a conversation about change... Located in Newton, MA

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Music City Family Therapy

Music City Family Therapy is an attachment-informed group counseling practice with a whole family approach... Located in Brentwood, TN

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Jurassic Sands

Award-winning, all-natural play sands that are the safest, cleanest, and purest sands on the market. Located in Salt Lake City, UT

View Listing
Self Esteem Shop

Self Esteem Shop is an independent, family-owned bookstore that sells books, games, sensory items and... Located in Casco, MI

View Listing
When faced with parenting challenges, moms and dads may be unsure of where to turn for professional advice. "Ask Our Child Experts" provides a non-judgmental space to get support from trusted pediatric mental health and wellness professionals. Take a look at what other parents have asked or submit your own questions-we won’t share identifying information in our posts.  From tots to teens, we're here to help.
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