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We are in the middle of a crisis in mental health

Families are facing an unprecedented and accelerated mental health crisis in America.

22% of children and teens ages 3 to 17  in the United States are affected by a mental, emotional, developmental, or behavioral condition. 

15 MILLION youth in the U.S. meet the criteria to be diagnosed with a mental health disorder. 

Parents are feeling worried, stressed and frustrated as they try to seek help for their child or teen.

They are finding it nearly impossible to get the support their child needs.

In fact, 25% parents report finding it difficult to get their child mental health services.

Our children can't afford to go without addressing their emotional, behavioral and developmental needs.

Untreated mental health conditions nearly always worsen, and unaddressed delays make it more difficult for kids to meet their developmental milestones.

Recent data shows that 50% of all mental health conditions begin by age 14 and 75% by age 24. 

Yet, only 20% of these children and teens receive care from a specialized provider.* 

We CAN do better!  We HAVE to do better!

We believe that finding the best mental health and wellness resources for children and adolescents doesn't have to be so hard!

KIDStherapyfinder.com offers hope for families 

With the right behavioral health treatment, developmental therapies, and parent support, quality of life for kids can improve and symptoms can diminish or disappear, leading to more academic, professional, and overall life success and happiness. 

KIDStherapyfinder.com makes it easy for families to quickly find top-rated pediatric services, therapeutic products, and parenting resources.

Find the right support for your child!

Navigate therapeutic services with confidence! Discover the knowledge to make informed decisions that meet your child's specific needs.

Discover the right pediatric provider for your child with KIDStherapyfinder.com! 

With just a few clicks, connect with a specialist who understands your child's needs and can schedule appointments that fit your busy life. 

Whether you prefer in-person or Teletherapy sessions, you'll find providers with immediate openings and accepting your insurance.

The KIDStherapyfinder.com Story

It's hard for parents to find referrals for services for their family. In the past, community resource fairs were a great place to network and connect with resource partners. Many families, social workers and case managers did their best to keep their own provider lists updated with current contact information, usually in overflowing (and often out of date) binders, file folders, or sticky notes.  It was difficult to manage stacks of brochures and business cards after these events and keep contact information updated.

Now, these community events have become less frequent or even non-existent during and after the pandemic. KIDStherapyfinder.com decided to create an easier way for parents and providers to connect and this led to the creation of KIDStherapyfinder.com.

Developed by a Social Worker

After working with families for over 30 years in a variety of settings our founder knew first hand how hard it can be to find mental health services and developmental therapies for kids. That's why we created KIDStherapyfinder.com. We wanted to make it easier for families to quickly find help for their child or teen.

For many years, we have been collecting information on services and products and adding it to our website. Our list of partners throughout the United States is growing rapidly! Parents and other professionals seeking assistance for children with therapeutic needs can now quickly find the help they need in their local community or access national providers who can serve them.

Please use the form on our Contact Us page if you need help finding a provider or  have any questions, ideas, or suggestions for us.

This website is dedicated to our founder's sister, Marissa (1971-2017), a wonderful  mother, sister, daughter, and aunt, who lived out her journey with juvenile diabetes with courage, a sense of humor, and an unwavering faith in God. You are loved and missed beyond words. Forever in our hearts until we meet again...and to Michelle's parents, who showed fierce, unconditional love advocating and caring for her... Phil 4:13

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