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Join thousands of helping professionals who are learning, growing & connecting in our FREE community.

Our resources are designed to support counselors, psychologists, social workers, OT's, PT's, ST's and BCBA's.  

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Explore our list of more than 30 FREE CE's for counselors, social workers, and psychologists. 

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Easily find the regulatory board in your state to apply or renew your professional license.

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Connect with families who need you

Attention providers! Are you looking to boost your pediatric practice and connect with families in need? Look no further! We invite you to read our article, where you'll discover the top 9 reasons to list your practice with KidsTherapyFinder.com. From expanding your reach to building a strong online presence, our platform offers a multitude of benefits tailored specifically to pediatric care providers. Don't miss out on the opportunity to join our growing community and help more children thrive. 

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We've put together the most frequently asked questions we hear from providers all in one place.

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Our articles help you learn more about starting, building, growing and scaling your private practice. 

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Choose from additional listing options in our pediatric focused directory that fit your budget and align with your practice goals.

Target parents and caregivers with information about your therapeutic services or products.  

Choose from affordable options that highlight your practice, including featured listings, sponsored content, banner ads, newsletter mentions and sponsorship, social media shout outs and more!

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