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Posted by Michelle Rigg on 12/29/2022

5 Tips for Coping with Test Anxiety (for kids!)

Today, we will be talking all about Test Anxiety.  You'll learn what test anxiety is, how it affects you, and also FIVE helpful ways of coping! 

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So, what exactly is test anxiety?

Imagine this.  You stay up most of the night studying for your math quiz.  You feel good!  You feel great! You feel confident!  The next day when it’s time to take the quiz, you start to feel reeeaally nervous.  You can't think clearly, and you're forgetting everything that you studied. You feel sick! You're sweating and starting to feel a little bit dizzy.  You just know that you're going to fail the quiz, and you'll have to drop out of school!!  Everyone will be disappointed in you!Has this ever happened to you?  If so, you may have been experiencing text anxiety

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