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Posted 10/20/2021 in Interventions-Feelings

Happy Town

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My name is Stacey Lamb and I am the founder and Mayor of HAPPYtown.  I have been an artist since I was 10. The PEANUTS characters were my favorite thing to draw and I drew them every day. One of the things I like about drawing is creating characters that I dream up and bring to life on paper. But the best part of being an artist is making others smile. So how did a love of art turn into a community of happy products?


A good pal of mine was diagnosed with cancer. As part of her treatment, Cheryl received a bone marrow transplant. During that process, she had to be in a germ-free environment for 100 days. That’s a long, lonely time to be away from your home, your family and friends, your pets … even your favorite recliner! 

I wonderedwhat could I do to make my friend's life a little bit brighter?


So I drew her 100 drawings. One for each day. I put them in a big envelope and told her to take ONE out to hand up everyday. As the days went by, the countdown to going home began. The clothesline got full of colorful cards, her envelope became lighter and she was definitely SMiLiNG! And that’s how this little community started — using art to make people HAPPY. After several years cancer-free, Cheryl passed away.  The main gift she gave us was to keep smiling, no matter what. As a way to honor Cheryl, we will keep helping to make smiles for those going through tough times.  Thanks, Cheryl! 


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