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9 Reasons Why You Should List Your Pediatric Practice With KIDStherapyfinder.com

Not only is KIDStherapyfinder.com a good cause, it's also smart marketing!

We live in a time when most of what we are looking for can be found online. Whether searching for products or services, suggestions or reviews, directions or contact information, consumers are using their computers, tablets, phones, and other smart devices to quickly get the information they need. 

“Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average, which translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide.”* 


These statistics show that before committing to a particular service or sale, most people spend a great amount of time searching online. This includes parents. Moms and dads around the world are searching every day for counselors, programs, therapists, consultants, and therapeutic products, for their child or teen. They will typically browse ratings and reviews, compare businesses, look through photos, and view videos before making an important decision concerning their child’s providers. Because of this, it’s no wonder that flourishing therapeutic-focused businesses need a robust online presence, especially if that is where their competitor(s) can be found. 

Did you know that your online reputation influences your ranking in results for common searches such as the “best therapist near me” or the “best residential program for troubled teens”? This means that it can also dramatically increase the likelihood that a parent will click on your business to view your website and then make contact. But, to show up in those searches, you will need to standout from your competitors, usually by showing up on the first page of someone’s search results. This is why it’s important to list in online local niche directories, like KIDStherapyfinder.com.   When you list your services, program, or products in KIDStherapyfinder.com, you are more likely to be found online, giving you an edge over your competitors who are not listed in our directory.


What is a niche online directory?

Websites that list more than one business and includes information such as their contact information, while focusing on a target market are considered a niche online directory. Unlike a yellow page directory, which includes broad unrelated categories, like automobile repair and restaurants together in one directory, a niche online directory narrows the focus for the visitor. 

KIDStherapyfinder.com is a niche online directory focused on the spectrum of mental health and wellness services, programs, and products for children and adolescents.  In our pediatric therapeutic directory, parents will NOT find a list of mechanics or donut shops, but they will find:

  • Mental health counselors,
  • Psychologists,
  • Psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners,
  • Occupational, physical and speech therapists,
  • ABA therapists
  • Parent coaches
  • educational and placement consultants, and more!


Benefits of getting your business listed in niche online directories:

1. Niche online directories have a lot of SEO value

Search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing are continuously searching and collecting information about businesses and their websites to understand where they belong in a long list of all search results. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps search engines find and categorize your information quickly and correctly and rank you in search results higher than businesses that have a limited or non-existent online presence. 

Listing all your practice details in a credible, relevant, and prominent online directory makes it very easy for search engines to look up your website. KIDStherapyfinder.com offers you the ability to list your website, along with your practice or program details, such as a logo, profile pictures, phone number, address, images, and videos, all within your profile listing.


With your directory link, you give your site one more boost in search engine ranking. Along with your other SEO strategies, you may start to notice that you are appearing towards the top of results of searches made by your ideal client. KIDStherapyfinder.com invests a lot of resources into ranking higher in search engine results for key phrases and words that parents often use to find child and adolescent mental health and wellness services. When you list your business or product in KIDStherapyfinder.com directory, you can take advantage of those efforts to optimize your online presence. 

2. Niche online directories target relevant traffic

Many providers and programs spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars, on their websites, hoping to gain more customers or clients.  Unfortunately, a well-designed and beautiful website doesn't guarantee a higher rank in competing search results. Listing your practice in KIDStherapyfinder.com, which has been optimized for SEO in your niche, can steer some targeted and highly valuable traffic to your beautiful and informative website. This is because visitors to KIDStherapyfinder.com already have an idea of what they are looking for (services or products for their child or teen) and fit a particular profile (parent, caregiver, or caseworker). If you provide mental health and wellness services to children and adolescents, KIDStherapyfinder.com visitors may be a great match for your business.   


3. Niche online directories are a smart marketing investment and it’s FREE with KIDStherapyfinder.com!

 When determining where to spend advertising dollars, smart businesses are looking for a good ROI (Return On Investment). Listing your practice in online directories may help generate better ROI than other marketing efforts. In fact, the average revenue that businesses can expect to make from just one new client gained through directory exposure, usually covers their annual listing fees in our highly visible directory.  

Throughout the years, many programs and practices in our industry have relied on participation at community events or conferences. Advertising at these events, through program advertisements, sponsoring sessions, and paying for booth rental, can be pricey-typically costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars PER event, just for the advertising fees alone. Factor in missed time from work for employees, along with additional costs for travel to the event, lodging, car rental and meals for one or more staff, along with the cost of brochures, banners, booth swag, and that can really add up, especially for small to medium-size businesses who need to see clients or patients. Multiply this by multiple events per year, and you are looking at tens of thousands of dollars.  

But, perhaps a more pertinent question is, how is ROI tracked for these events? How do you/they know if this type of marketing is really paying off? Even if you get hundreds of visitors to your booth, or pay for a full-page ad in the event program that lands in the hands of thousands of conference attendees, how do you know if it is converting into clients or referrals?   With KIDStherapyfinder.com, not only do you know you are targeting your ideal clients, but we also have the data on how many daily visitors we receive to our site and how many visitors viewed your listing. When you spend your advertising budget on being seen by your ideal client using KIDStherapyfinder.com, you are minimizing your cost and maximizing your marketing dollars.


4. Niche online directories diversifies advertising 

The recent pandemic has made it harder for businesses to reach potential clients and referral sources. Prior to COVID, many mental health and wellness providers, relied on in-person marketing opportunities such as networking groups, site visits for sales calls, community health fairs, booths at conferences and speaking engagements to share information about their products and services. With social distancing and stringent safety requirements by pediatricians, parent groups, and schools, for marketing visits and public gatherings, face-to-face meetings are significantly more limited and, in some case, non-existent. Most businesses have stricter requirements about unscheduled visits to drop off brochures, and many community fairs have been postponed or cancelled. Therefore, your continued efforts for online reach to gain clients and referrals is essential for continued visibility and growth. KIDStherapyfinder.com can fill in this gap for your business.


5. Niche online directories are opportunities for cross marketing and collective advertising

When you list with a reputable online niche directory you get exponential reach for your marketing dollars. With KIDStherapyfinder.com you can take your online presence and marketing to a whole new level! Here’s how:

  • First, Google loves directories. They can provide a great amount of authoritative information in a particular area, which leads to more time spent on the site. You may notice that over time, your listing in a growing niche directory with a strong SEO investment, like KIDStherapyfinder.com, will begin to rank higher in key word search results, and may surpass your own website! 
  • Second, once on a directory website, many visitors will begin to search within the website for additional services, complimentary services, and/or review relevant articles.  So, someone may not even know they need your service until they begin to educate themselves through the website about their child or teen.  That is why KIDStherapyfinder.com strategically offers a spectrum of service categories for children and teens, a glossary of terms for pediatric mental health, articles with relevant key words, and a panel of experts to answer parent questions. Our data shows we have a consistently low bounce rate, multiple page views, and an impressive amount of time on the site by visitors.
  • Third, parents and referral sources, like social workers and caseworkers, may choose to look for services in KIDStherapyfinder.com over selecting one website link at a time during a search. Our directory gives them access to our relevant search filters to find what they need based on the factors that are important to them-location, insurance, age, etc. They can quickly compare providers, read reviews or endorsements, and save their searches without returning to search engine results page and continue their cumbersome scouring of the internet.
  • Fourth, listing your practice or program in a reputable online directory may boost a consumer’s confidence in your brand. When your business is included in a site that is seen as an authority in a specific area, you benefit from that trust. Given that you only have a few seconds to capture someone’s attention and influence whether they decide to contact you, this is super important.
  • Fifth, KIDStherapyfinder.com is continuously making new connections and nurturing relationships with potential partners to expand our reach. We do this by participating in relevant conferences and networking groups, connecting with potential referral sources such as social workers at a local pediatric clinics and hospitals, school counselors, and caseworkers at foster care and adoption agencies, who are looking for an efficient way to identify supports for the kids and families they serve.  

A directory listing with KIDStherapyfinder.com allows you to take advantage of our efforts, so essentially you are advertising in places that may not be accessible to you. 

  • And finally, your listing enhances your presence on social media, because KIDStherapyfinder.com has a growing following on several large platforms. We are excited that this is converting to increasing traffic on our directory website.


6. Niche online directories can become a trusted referral source for your business 

Your online business profile in a reputable niche business directory can enhance your reputation and credibility as you are found on multiple places on the internet.  By listing in KIDStherapyfinder.com  you become part of a trusted referral source.  

  • KIDStherapyfinder.com is quickly becoming the “go to” referral source for families and caseworkers searching for a spectrum of child and adolescent mental health and wellness services and products.  
  • Other providers listed in the directory are using KIDStherapyfinder.com to find other services for their clients.  For example, a play therapist may use KIDStherapyfinder.com to find a list of occupational therapists for their young client or a psychiatrist may use the directory to find an inpatient hospital for a teen they are working with who is in crisis.
  • KIDStherapyfinder.com is a popular source of information for mental health services and programs, and parenting support from our “Ask-Our-Experts” panel, with articles and expert posts getting hundreds of unique views every day.


7. Niche online directories let you share your story 

Many online directory profiles also let their members create a very active and robust profile that highlights the best parts of their business and stand out from competitors. KIDStherapyfinder.com allows you to capitalize on your ability to generate more attention by including social media links, submitting articles or newsworthy promotions, and creating photo albums and video libraries to share what is new and different about what your agency has to offer. It’s easy to creatively share your passion, your vision, your results, and your history.  You can connect with potential clients by including video introductions of key staff, a tour of your office or facility, or create a welcome video.  You can even enhance how your story is told online by generating reviews from clients and/or endorsements from colleagues.

8. Niche online directories are a time-saving and cost-effective alternative to website creation or maintenance

Developing, maintaining and marketing a website, while continuously posting updated content to remain relevant in search results and captivate your visitors takes time and expertise. With KIDStherapyfinder.com you can easily update your listing in real-time, anytime. Whether you are adding a new logo, changing contact information, or uploading articles, videos or photos, you can do it all in just a few minutes without any technical skills.

9. Niche online directories support link building

Getting your business listed in reputable, online niche directories provides opportunities for building backlinks to your website, which is great for SEO! Backlinks are when another site lists your website link. This can help you grow your business credibility across the internet and gain more trust from potential clients and search engines. When your information is consistently found on other sites recognized by search engines as an authority, you are positively influencing your ranking in search results.


Get started today with your FREE listing!

If you’re a mental health and wellness provider, program or retailer who wants to ensure the information about your program, practice, or products is more accessible to a greater audience, is building consumer trust, and maximizing your advertising dollars, then a FREE listing in KIDStherapyfinder.com is a smart business decision.


Your profile with KIDStherapyfinder.com can enhance your overall marketing strategy and become another place on the internet to be found. Your directory listing, like your website, can showcase important information that influences whether a parent contacts you, instead of your competitor. 


Get started with your listing here.





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