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Posted 08/02/2021 in Books-Parents

Stacia Alexander, PhD, LPC-S

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From Amazon:

Trent and Stacia' are as open as possible with people about raising their children. It is evident from others who know them that their love for God has been the foundation for their family. As professionals, they shared their knowledge and experience to help others through professional services offered at their agency. Even more so, they want you to see the other side of parenting which is often overlooked in parenting guides - the kid's perspective. Chanse and Taylor did not always agree with their parents but they understood the importance of harmony in the household. Juggling children, work, and church was often a struggle but they all managed to do it together and now call it The Balancing Act. In each chapter of the book, you hear the voice of all family members on different topics focusing on faith and family. Prepare to enjoy an easy read on matters ranging from discipline to appreciating children as a gift. You will feel like you are a guest in their home just talking about family over a good meal. This is their style, they love helping others and are willing to dialogue about their love for their family."

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