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Welcome to KidsTherapyFinder.com

We provide resources and information to equip and empower parents and their kids with therapeutic needs.

Quickly find top-rated pediatric mental health professionals and other wellness providers, as well as products for your child

Michelle is the co-founder with the vision behind KIDStherapyfinder.com. She has a Master's degree in social work, and over 25 years of experience working with children and their families in a variety of settings, including private practice as a Registered Play Therapist and many years in casework and administration in the foster care and adoption field and residential treatment. These experiences all involved working with children and teens with a vast range of pediatric physical, social, emotional and mental health needs, connecting them with services, and advocacy.

Why We're Here...
As a social worker and therapist, Michelle is frequently asked for referrals for counseling for children and teens with mental health needs, and help locating services like occupational therapy, physical therapy, residential treatment, psychiatric support and alternative education. Like other caseworkers and agency managers, she attempted to keep her own provider lists updated with current contact information for clients and co-workers, usually in Binders or file folders!

Networking events and resource fairs were great ways to connect with agency staff and resource partners, but it was difficult to manage stacks of brochures and business cards after these events. If you're a parent of a child with therapeutic needs or work with them as clients, this probably sounds very familiar!

Michelle wanted an easier way to connect clients and the community to current information to families and this led to the creation of KIDStherapyfinder.com.

Since 2013, we have been collecting contact information on local services and products and adding it to our website. Our list of partners throughout the United States is growing rapidly! Parents and other professionals seeking assistance for children with therapeutic needs can now quickly find the help they need in their local community or access national providers who can serve them. With KIDStherapyfinder.com, service providers and vendors selling products specifically for children with therapeutic needs have an easy and affordable way to advertise.

Whether your children have come to you by birth, or through adoption or foster care, this resource is for you.  It is our hope that parents of children with therapeutic needs, as well as caseworkers and other helping professionals seeking services, products, and information for their clients, find KIDStherapyfinder.com a valuable resource.  

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This website is dedicated to Michelle's sister, Marissa (1971-2017), a wonderful  mother, sister, daughter, and aunt, who lived out her journey with juvenile diabetes with courage, a sense of humor, and an unwavering faith in God. You are loved and missed beyond words. Forever in our hearts until we meet again...and to Michelle's parents, who showed fierce, unconditional love advocating and caring for her... Phil 4:13