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Make The Most Of Your Directory Listing

Make a good first impression…

Highlight your special features that makes you interesting to your ideal customers

  • Are you available for evening or weekend appointments?
  • Do you offer a specialized intervention?
  • Do you take insurance and if so which ones?
  • Do you have a therapy animal in the office?

Use Images 

  • Photos usually will attract more attention than text only listings and sets you apart from others
  • Your profile photo needs to be professional, clear, and high-quality profile
  • Use the photo album and videos (for applicable membership level) to share with visitors more about your business. Try to use the same profile photo that you use for other directory listings, such as LinkedIn, your website, and other platforms. This makes it easy for visitors to recognize you.

Share Your Logo
Use a professional, clear and high-quality image.

Complete all the fields available
  • Complete all fields in your dashboard unless it absolutely doesn’t apply to you. 
  • The more information you provide, the more there is for your prospective clients read and the more your prospective clients get to know you and your business. information is readily available for prospective clients to find.

Be clear, simple and brief
First, think of the type of client you want to appeal to.

Next, consider the language they would likely to use themselves. Don’t use jargon. Use words most people would know.

Use key words that your ideal clients would be searching for, such as types of approaches, experience, and training.

Connect with your potential client
Again, think about the person viewing your listing. They may be trying to decide if you would be a good fit for them. This is your opportunity to connect with them.  Remember the phrase, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression."  Once you connect with someone who views your listing, then they will be more likely to continue reading about your credentials and your history, etc.  Speak to your ideal client. 
What would your ideal client be looking for?
What does your ideal client need?  
What are their “pain points” and how can you help them? 
What problem or issue can you resolve? 
What would the outcome look like after working with you?  What solution do you offer your clients?
Add credibility to your listing


Keep your listing updated with accurate and fresh content

Make sure people can reach you! 

Regularly update contact information for your agency, such as people, addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, website address, insurances accepted and hours of operation. 

Google loves fresh, unique content.  

How recently a page has been created or updated can influence how it ranks in Google search results. This means, that the more recently you’ve added revised your content, the more likely it it will come up when someone searches the web for relevant search terms AND the more likely the person doing the searching will see and click on your listing! Regularly update your listing and add photos, articles and videos.

Proofread your listing
Make sure your profile is free of typos and other errors. This gives you more credibility.  A visitor who lands on a profile with a lot of typos is probably going to keep on looking and contact someone else.  Ask someone else to look over your listing.   Its harder to catch our own mistakes; it helps to have someone else proof-read your work.  If you don’t have anyone else to proof it, email us at and we will be happy to take a look!

Keep your listing information consistent across social media and other directories
When search engines try to reconcile a business’s information across listings, descriptions and info that vary by the slightest discrepancies — for example, “Street” instead of “Avenue,” having a “1” in front of the area code, or basic typos — might dissuade algorithms from believing the business actually exists and is reputable. Most critically, the name, address, and phone number (NAP) should be uniform in every digital usage, from your website to directory listings to “about” descriptions on social media. Unique phone numbers, which are great to manage offline leads via call tracking software, can still be included; for example, Google Maps lets a main line be listed as an “alternate number,” thus maintaining NAP consistency no matter the tracking phone number displayed to the user.


Interact with reviews and comments

Reach, engage and retain your clients.

Maximize your exposure with a featured listing offers several listings levels for therapists, programs, schools and retailers.  Featured listings are highlighted in search results and appear before basic and premium listings for the same category and location.  Featured listings do not have competitor ads on their listing page.  Featured listings provide you with the opportunity to add more content to your listing to maximize your exposure. 

Share your profile
Sharing the link to your listing on social media pages. Embed it into your email signature. Email it to colleagues for referrals.

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